Why to Choose a Private Safari?

When looking into booking a safari holiday, there may be many terms that confuse you and get you a bit puzzled, such as ‘private safari’. But what does this actually mean? Well, there are two types of safaris offered by tour operators, firstly a shared safari – which is usually cheaper, but means you are sharing your safari vehicle and experience with a bunch of random people, a private safari means it is only you and your group who take up the spaces in your vehicle (+ your guide/driver), so no need to worry about you experience being tainted by others.Read more about lunchtime results

Some of you may be content to go ahead and book a shared safari, but before you do so, please read the benefits that a private safari have over a shared so that you can be sure of what you are going ahead with.

Private transfers – When being picked up and dropped off at the airport, you will have the vehicle exclusively to yourself. This means no waiting around for other passengers to get their luggage or for their delayed flight to come, when you are waiting to be transferred to the comfort of your lodge after a long and tiring flight.

No random people sharing your safari vehicle – On shared safaris, you will be bundled in with a random group of people, this means you will not be able to use the full room of your safari vehicle, and may feel more uncomfortable asking a stranger to move out of the way so that you can get a good snap of a sleeping lion, rather than if it was a friend or family member you were asking.

Freedom – The freedom to ask the driver to stop for the bathroom, to look at a certain plant or animal for a longer duration, to stop at a certain scenic spot or even return to a hotel to pick up a left behind bag really is worth the extra money will you pay for a private safari as compared to a shared one.

Flexibility and Customisation – You will only have the flexibility to choose your travel dates, the wildlife reserves you visit, the accommodation you stay at and any extra excursions you take part in (cultural tribal village tours, hot air balloon safaris, nature walk safaris, etc) on a private safari.

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